Paw Activated Outdoor Fountain for Dogs

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***Upgraded Durable Version***



With this dog fountain you will never have to worry if they are thirsty when you are not home or busy, they can stay refreshed with a nice fresh water whenever they want.

  • Step-on, outdoor water hydration system for dogs.
  • No batteries or electrical supply required.
  • Provides your dog with instant access to fresh, cold drinking water throughout the day.
  • Minimal training is required, plus the fountain takes just minutes to install.
  • No more stagnant water or dirty water bowls to clean.
  • Encourages pets to stay hydrated.
  • Suitable for all sizes of dog, at any age.
  • Made of copper valve to ensure that the flow of water is much more stable without leakage.

When dogs get hot, they need cold water to cool down. The water will always be cold because it is coming straight from a spigot. A dog fountain will allow your dog to get water when it needs it. Ensures that your dog has access to fresh, cold drinking water at all times.

All you need to do is connect it to your hose or faucet. It does NOT require electricity to operate. To adjust the water stream coming from the fountain, all you need to do is raise or lower the water pressure from the spigot.

Training your dog to use their new dog fountain is easy. Most dogs pick it up on the first day.

All you need to do is get them to approach the pedal from the front and step on it. Block the sides and back of the device with things that you don’t mind getting a little wet. Show your dog the water by stepping on the pedal yourself. You can then assist you dog by taking their paw and having them press the pedal down. Keep repeating this until they can do it themselves.

This Dog fountain is equipped with a durable brass value to ensure that the flow of water is much more stable without leakage. The pedal is made of a high grade steel with an anti rust coating on it.

Material: Stainless Steel + Brass + Rubber Hose
Color: White (Paw Pattern)
Product Size: approx 26 x 28 x 9.5 cm

Package Included:
1 x Pet Fountain
1 x User Manual

Do not put the dog fountain near any electric line or the outlet!

6 reviews for Paw Activated Outdoor Fountain for Dogs

  1. Jackie…

    My boxer is obsessed with this.

  2. Earl…

    Really clever, simple design. Overbuilt and should last a very long time. My German Shepherd hits the pad and drinks the water till I think she’s going to drown herself!! lol The Lab won’t come near it (although she’s a bit skittish) I have probably set the water pressure too high.

  3. Mel H…

    My dog loves this fountain, my grandson was enjoying it as well! We live in Phoenix so this is a wonderful thing for our pet!

  4. taya…

    so our hose obsessed GSD LOVE LOVE LOVES THIS THING!! we put it on a big slab of stone so she wouldnt trash the grass and she will play with it for hours! the connectors are brass and there is a screw that will control how much water comes out . she figured it out in 2 minutes .. i did squirt myself in the face several times while demonstrating it before she figured it out. its AWESOME and well made .. use plumbers teflon tape when screwing together the connections and get a pop connector so you can remove it easily from your hose and not destroy the threads with constant unscrewing ..

  5. Jes…

    It’s sturdy, has good spray action and our dog loves it. Most importantly he can’t chew it up. My only knock is that he can flip it over and then we have to fix it for him. Really good product overall.

  6. Mr john…

    My dog loves to play with this on a hot day in North Carolina . She will spend hours letting it spray up at her

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