Tricky Treat Ball For Dogs – Food Dispenser Toy

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Do you love your dog having fun around?

Tricky Treat Ball will entertain your dog for hours!

Dogs are highly intelligent and social animals, just like people, they need activities, companion and material. Most of the misbehavior are due to fidgets and lack of exercises. If you cannot meet your pet’s basic requirements, they find a way themselves:)

Tricky Treat Ball will make your dog busy for hours!

– Specially designed to exercise your dog in a fun & healthy way.

– Keep them occupied and active as they try to retrieve their prize from the ball.

– Get them to utilize any excess energy which may cause them to misbehave.

– Designed to help reduce the risk of your pet developing behavioral problems which may stem from fear, aggression or boredom.

– Great for stimulating your dogs natural instincts, senses and mind so that you have a more happy pet.

Simply insert your dog’s favorite dry food or treats into the ball. As your dog plays with this challenging interactive ball it will dispense treats keeping your dog focused and entertained.

This ball is a fantastic funny toy for your lovely pet. With built-in a special sounder, it can issue quack sound when the ball rolling (not battery operated).

After putting food in it, your pet will enjoy the food and play the ball at the same time!

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– Made from non-toxic material and safe for your pet to play.
– Surface fulled with footprint and bone pattern, looks so cute.
– Easy for pet to carry.
– No batteries needed.
– Ideal gift for your pet to train their intelligence.
– Condition: New and high quality.
– Material: Silicone
– Color: Black, Blue, Pink

Size S: 7 cm/2.75”, 75g, for pets below 4 kg
Size M: 9 cm/3.54”, 125g, for pets below 10 kg
Size L: 11 cm/4.33”, 150g, for pets below 25 kg

Package Includes:
1 x Dog Cat Toy Ball

5 reviews for Tricky Treat Ball For Dogs – Food Dispenser Toy

  1. D…

    This toy is great. Our Yorkie has never really known how to play and she eats her food way too fast. Now we put most of her meal in the ball and she chases the ball all over the house until she gets the last bit of food out of it. The only problem with it is finding the ball before the next meal. My wife sits on the couch and laughs while I wander around looking under things trying to find the ball, I think the Yorkie knows what I am doing and sits on the couch also watching me, I think she is laughing as well. If this thing breaks or I can’t find it, I will have to replace it.

  2. B.P…

    This is really great! Our dog is really active and this is keeping him occupied for a bit, whew! It’s hilarious to watch him play with it since every time he bats at it he sniffs the ground around it to see if anything fell out.

  3. F. W…

    I have a 12 week old golden retriever. This is his favorite toy since it provides him with treats. It’s mine because it keeps him busy for a good 30 minutes- which, as any puppy owner knows, is a long respite from puppy antics. Although the plastic looks like it’s a bit weak, it seems to be holding up extremely well. Especially since puppy has learned to pick it up and drop it.

    Great fun for smart little puppies. I put Cheerios in it because my puppies are too young to eat the larger treats. However, they still have a blast rolling it around the house trying to get the occasional treat out. The actual ball itself is easy to clean and use. The treat/reward area is adjustable so that you can change the level of hardness or just in case you want to put something bigger than a Cheerio in it. I would definitely buy this item again if I needed another one.

  4. Taylor…

    Great product I ever had for my dog. I would recommend this to anyone whose dog needs more attention than necessary. This will keep them busy and entertained. Great! I would surely buy another one for my pup if needed more.

  5. LBT…

    It took them a little while to figure this toy out. But now they take turns one rolls the other picks up the dropped treats. Then they switch.

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